Saving Land & Preserving Wildlife Habitat for Future Generations

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The Sportsmen’s National Land Trust is dedicated to saving land, managing wildlife habitat and providing recreation areas for the public.  Proceeds from our new MA license plate will go towards preserving and improving habitat for generations to come.

GREAT NEWS !!  More than 750 pre-orders have been received!   We will be delivering the initial group of applications to the MA DOT in Early January.   We can still accept applications until then, but time is running out to get your low-number plate.  Click the Button below to reserve your low-number original issue plate while they are still available.

The minimum number of plates has been reached!  Applications must be in by January 15th to get a low number original issue plate.



The GOALS of The Sportsmen’s National Land Trust:
  • Preserve open space and wildlife habitat
  • Provide sportsmen and families access to woodlands areas
  • Promote a conservation ethic and wise use of natural resources
  • Improve wildlife habitat through cooperation with other conservation organizations
Click Here to tour our Habitat Project in Granville, MA