Special Limited Time License Plate Offer


Welcome to our Facebook friends !

Due to a contribution by a generous supporter, the next 250 people to apply, can reserve the new SNLT Habitat and Heritage Massachusetts license plate without the $40 application fee!
 That’s right!    If you apply now, you can support open space and wildlife habitat improvement, skip the $40 application fee, AND get a unique three-digit SNLT license plate.
Click here to go to the application page, complete and print it, and send it in.  Be sure to write the special offer code “FB250” somewhere on the application.  Or, if you are tech-savvy, print or scan the completed application to a pdf file and email it to Contact@snltmassachusetts.org with FB250 in the subject line.
You will be notified when the plate goes into production and when your low-number plate is available to pick up at the registry.

This is a limited time offer…. Don’t delay – apply today!


( *Passenger vehicles only – not available for trailers, motorcycles or commercial vehicles)